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This section of the Gallery is for miscellaneous photos and related images.

There is a second section, for articles, reviews etc, under the heading of TEXTS.

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The Movies, at one time or another...

Colin Gibson

Dag Small
Dave Quinn
Durban Laverde
Greg Knowles
Jamie Lane
Jon Cole
Jools Diggle
Mick Parker


Arctic Circle - Norway

And are they still alive? With the exception of our mentor and friend Mike Willis (chokes me up to see him above), Yes - as far as I know. Here are some of them recently, debating a significant issue of the day:


Mannheim 1976 (?)

School/College bands:

White Unicorn (late)
Edinburgh Festival
Poison Glue
Public Foot The Roman
Wild Oats
The Shed studio - first demos
First Album
Dingwall's? Nashville Rooms?
Nashville Rooms
!!! Get Down !!!
The Marquee 1977

Bullets Through The Barrier
Captain Bumble (Jools)
A Credit to the Industry
T Driver Steve Zoomy Zelenka
Growler and bottle
Pod, Prince of Darkness
View from the Milford Plaza

Old Grey Whistle Test


Albert Hall
Why have a cap?

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