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The Gallery contains miscellaneous photos and related images.

This section is for various photographic mementoes.

Gallery1 contains photos of The Movies in New York.

Gallery2 is for articles, reviews etc.

Gallery3 contains miscellaneous text.

Gallery4 holds excerpts from the Jools Jewels collection...



The Movies, at one time or another...

Colin Gibson

Dag Small
Dave Quinn
Durban Laverde
Greg Knowles
Jamie Lane
Jon Cole
Jools Diggle
Mick Parker


Arctic Circle - Norway

And are they still alive? With the exception of our mentor and friend Mike Willis (chokes me up to see him above), Yes - as far as I know. Here are some of them recently, debating a significant issue of the day:


Mannheim 1976 (?)

School/College bands:

White Unicorn (late)
Edinburgh Festival
Poison Glue
Public Foot The Roman
Wild Oats
The Shed studio - first demos
First Album
Dingwall's? Nashville Rooms?
Nashville Rooms
!!! Get Down !!!
The Marquee 1977

Bullets Through The Barrier
Captain Bumble (Jools)
A Credit to the Industry
T Driver Steve Zoomy Zelenka
Pod, Prince of Darkness

Old Grey Whistle Test

Albert Hall
Why have a cap?

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