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This section of the Gallery is for photos of The Movies in New York.

Most of them came into the possession of Dr Hindsight thanks to a gift by Lord Plumber. One day, a mysterious brown envelope appeared through Dr Hindsight's letter-box. Eagerly opening it, expecting the title deeds of a certain Caribbean island won by Dr Hindsight from Lord Plumber at cards in 1976, he found this lot. And there are a lot of them. They appear here in no particular order.




The Movies, at one time or another...

Colin Gibson

Dag Small
Dave Quinn
Durban Laverde
Greg Knowles
Jamie Lane
Jon Cole
Jools Diggle
Mick Parker

Lord Plumber in characteristic pose
When can I expect the hors  d'oeuvres?
I'll have five complete meals please
Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Well maybe. Hmm. Errr.  Or not
Still here in spirit
More beans!
Son of Godzilla

This place is balls

What?  KGB, me? Niet
Don't think the photographer will survive
The Happy Band
Well, Happy for a bit
Studion 1, RCA, 7th Avenue
My God, 24-hour TV
I do not look like Zuckerberg
Is this machine faulty?
Where's a doctor when you need one?
Well Hello
Where did I put that bottle?
These guys... are enormous
She didn't!  She did.  She didn't.  She did.
If we pull that string, the sound will get better
It's going terribly well
That sounds like a word with hit' in it
Vdka tastes better from a teacup
Yes I still have a full set of fingers
My next gig will be Bon Jovi
Well Hello again
If I just pull this string everything will be OK
Now all I need is sticks
No this is work,not a party
Did someone say vodka?
Dracula is in the building
Time for a kip
After you.  No, after you
Faster than a speeding bullet
So that's how to make pizza
Where are we?  I have no idea.
Can we treble-track the congas?
As soon as I get past this red thing I'll be fine
Phew, what a blow-out.  I'm stuffed.
Come here, froggie, nice froggie
Looks like New York
Jolly fun
Oh a toilet-seat game
View from the Milford Plaza
View from the Milford Plaza
Multiple occupation
I'm bored
I know, I'll hit Growler with a bottle
The room sort of grows on you
One day we'll go outside
Alas poor Jorick
Oh no, it's totally innocent
Ommm Ommm.  Land the plane.  Ommm
I sy, fellows, let's go for a burn-up
Reg goes for a stroll
Where did I put that saucepan?
When I consider how my time is spent
Did your head just fall off?
Hmm three strings too many
This is work, not a party
Dracula is in the building!
I prefer my bacon cremated

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