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It was said at the time that if you put all the best tracks together you'd have one outstanding album.

This is a diverse collection of stuff, so it's hard to pick out your favourites. On solid foundations there's a townscape of instrumentation, vocal effects and general business where everyone has their say, with an effort on top to tie all the action together into something approaching a song. It's communism in musical action. From each according to his abilities, and all at once.

My Top 10 is below. You might not like it, but it's how I see it right now. Interesting, how live tracks are surfacing. (Don't forget the Musikladen videos). Tomorrow it may be different. Check out REMIX for new studio-quality mixes of some of these...

Dr Hindsight's Top 10

rom Casablanca
Track Comment
Size (MB)
Do it Now (live) Live at The Venue. Nice intro to the monstrous music of The Movies
Do it Now
From Casablanca (live) The Venue, London, April 1980, ridiculous slide, wow
Do it Now
Red Moon Rising (demo) Brilliant low-tech for a demo
Red Moon Rising
Horror Story The organ/thingy solo shifts
Horror Story
Rumour Simple & to the point
Prima Donna (demo) Unique gypsy feeling to it
Prima Donna
Moscow (live) Amazing. Political and emotional. Use it on earbuds at full volume.
Last Train (live) The Venue, 1980. Honestly this is massive. Greg's solo is stratospheric. Love it.
From Casablanca
Berlin Rich, dark, moody, strange. Came from a Mick Parker clip (Plus John Le Carre)
Chasing Angels Throbs like a Rolls Royce
Chasing Angels

Dr Hindsight also had a bottom 10. This was published in error. In the course of restoring those tracks he has come to realise qualities in them he had not appreciated. He realised those qualities especially when he had got himself on the outside of a bottle of Bell's early one morning, while playing 'Rocket' - a track he particularly detested - when it dawned upon him that this was really a convincing critique of the impact of technology upon young men. Since when, Dr Hindsight has been convinced that The Movies are the possessor of an unique Truth (possibly given only before in ancient times to Hammurabi and Solon the Lawgiver). Dr Hindsight is currently receiving treatment.

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