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NY with Mike Getlin

Tracks in bold are Dr Hindsight's favourites.


This is a selection of mainly unreleased material - demos, rehearsals, and so on. The quality is variable, but some of this stuff is amazing and deserves to be known. Some of it is dreadful and deserves to be cast into the bin of History, but we don't care. We will try to point out track by track whether this is worth hearing. Really raw stuff is in the Rough Stuff section.

At this point we've had to abandon the usual page layout, because Dr Hindsight insists on adding his tedious comments.

We've tried putting the tracks in various orders, and have ended up with them in the order of Dr Hindsight's preference, i.e. the ones he likes are closer to the top.

Listen on ...

(All unreleased and unpublished, except those with a *)

Size (MB)
Red Moon Rising
Outstanding track! 1978, November, Roundhouse studios, demo. A MUST for the Movies fan. It's major! Not making a proper job of Red Moon was a Big Mistake. Could have been a monster, not a hit, just something totally Good. RMR goes straight into my top 10. Authentic tape hiss! (Steady on, Hindsight old boy).
Red Moon Rising
Prima Donna
1978 demo. European without being hot pants and bom-bom-bom.
Prima Donna
1979 demo. Bangs along. Why o why didn't they just change a few words and keep this instead of turning it into Clockwise into the Sun? O well, another What Might Have Been ...
1980. Various versions exist. This is a demo before the last album recorded at RCA New York. Viv Growler (aka C.Gibson) on vocal.
You love Ava
IPS studios, 1978. Over-long but melodious demo seemingly about a young lady with a crush on a young gentleman of indeterminate gender.
You love Ava
Tear me down
1978 demo. The premise, that an atom bomb is capable of singing, strikes me as particularly worrying. I'd have paid good money for that. Recorded when Pete Townsend was briefly in the frame with his Propellor Records.
Tear me down
More Wages
1980. Perhaps more a rehearsal than a demo. Jools may have a better version. Stonking harp solo on a track that recalls all sorts of Madness.
More wages
If I was made of glass
1979 demo. Original casual version of 'See through me'.
If I was made of glass
India, the beginning
Rehearsal. Wood Farm, Suffolk, April 1979. God, they don't harf go on. How they all managed to stay alive through that lot I do not know.
India, the beginning
Keeping tabs on Israel
From Mick Parker. Twinkly demo of the saaad song of which there's a rehearsal in the Rough section. 1976/7.
Keeping tabs
Standing on a piece of love
Jools' tune, demo, same era as Art etc. Actually, you know, I was in 2 minds about putting this in, because it's for Jools to say, but you know, why not? Hey, it's OK.
White boys on the town
From Mick Parker. Oddly eager Bernstein track that I remember from the Nashville Rooms period. 76/7. Had no idea we'd actually done a demo. Interestingly huge compression makes for a surreal quality.
White boys
School of Love
From Mick Parker. O, Youth. 76/7. Some fair clattering going on in the basement.
School of love
(From) Casablanca*
Rehearsal. Wood Farm, Suffolk, April 1979. Not a complete rough, with the beginnings of Production.
Last Train (Whoops)
Demo of Last Train, 1979. Remarkable for its replacement of 'Pepsi' with 'Whoops' due to concerns over copyright. Hysterical!
Last Train Whoops
Smokeless Zone
1980, demo done during recording of the last album at RCA New York. Original was entitled Rock with your Radio, and was probably better but not so antecedent of British '80s bands.
Smokeless Zone
And then I kissed her
1979-ish. Taped in a rehearsal room. Strange attempt at a punk version. Viv Growler (aka Colin Gibson) on vocal. Phil Spector would go puce.
And then I kissed her
Release it
Early '78 demo. ABBA moments in the backing track behind Jools' tune.
Release it
Everybody in America
1980, demo done during recording of the last album at RCA New York. Politically daft - and not as good as I remembered it.
Everybody in America
1978, November, Roundhouse studios, demo. The singer had the flu. An optimistically surreal track which was obviously an effort to become Band Laureate.
Rollercoaster Man
Muddy, difficult tape to restore. 1976/7. One of the tracks that didn't make it to Double A.
Rollercoaster Man
Hands across the ocean
As above.
Hands across the ocean
Man Worry
1978, recorded in the Bullets sessions. This is only a backing track. On top of this Alexis Korner came in for a slide duet, and it was recorded. Imagine my horror to find that this doesn't have him on it! If someone has the cut with AK on it - gimme! Nice clean track, but no Alexis!
Man worry
1977/8. Daft track about wanting to be in the Mafia. Only gets fun when the sound effects kick in.
1978, November, Roundhouse studios, demo. Gross, warts and all, flu-ridden voice already worn out by RMR and Coronation. Musicologists will spot the link with Horror Story.

The First Demos

Recorded in the latter half of 1974, in a soundproofed hut in Jamie's garden outside Crawley. Candy Bar And Son, Son, Son made it to the first album in 1975. NB: tracks marked (M) are Mono.

Size (MB)
Cool Water
Cool water
Change your mind (M)
Change your mind
Far Away
Far away
On top of a stone (M)
On top of a stone
Son, Son, Son
Son, son, son
What makes Sammy run (M)
What makes Sammy run
Candy Bar (M)
Candy bar

Art, Art, Art, Art, Art is very pretty
Art, Art, Art, Art, Art is very smart
I don't want a world full of things that fall apart
I want Art
I want Art
Art, Art, Art, Art, Art

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