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Technical stuff

All videos are in MP4 format, some converted from WMV.

For eample:


Somebody Somewhere

The OGWT tracks were recorded from terrestrial TV, on an early VHS domestic machine via the RF antenna. Since then the tape has been stored in an attic for 40 years. So not only was the quality not great to start with, it is now worse. But, it is view-able. The sound is poor - quiet, hissy, and MONO.

If you're on headphones, watch out for a bit of a click at the beginning of India...

Stockholm tracks are smaller 320x240 MP4, from a DVD whose quality was much better than videos here, but in their raw state they would simply have been too big.





Of all the videos the band made, little is left.

Probably the best (in terms of quality) are those beginning to emerge on YouTube. They are -

(From Musikladen, thanks guys... Note that they are probably 1977, rather than 1979 as described)

YoYo YoYo

Somebody Somewhere Knows the Truth

Note the appearance of manager Mike Willis in the last frames of YoYo.

Also, one from the Marquee Club, London (1978, and pretty rough) -

Love On The Run

The Movies were on TV throughout the UK and Europe - three times on the Old Grey Whistle Test alone. Below we have two songs, in one session from the third OGWT, Anne Nightingale period, 1979; and four from an earlier mid-tour gig for Swedish TV.

They're rough. The Stockholm tracks especially are great examples of how not to sing when you have a cold, when someone has just given you a silly hat and when you need a haircut. But they give a flavour...

Old Grey Whistle Test
Size (MB)
India video
Have Another Body
HAB video

Size (MB)
Horror Story
India video
Love On The Run
India video
No Class
India video
Merci And Bye Bye
India video

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